Value Impression

Ad Network Platform

ValueImpression is an advertising platform with + 4,000 direct publishers, partner with all the world's biggest ad exchanges and SSPs. Update the most modern technologies and focus on brand-safety advertising, Valueimpression help publishers optimize websites, receive the highest and most accurate valued for each impression.

ApacDex Ad Exchange

Ad Exchange Platform

ApacDex is an ad exchange for ad networks and premium publishers belong to Interdog Media Ltd. Having unique and solid demand relationships with lots of the world's biggest advertisers, ApacDex connects with over 1,000 premium publishers via OpenRTB, Header Bidding, and S2S integration and deliver brand-safety advertising to 80 million users monthly in the United States alone. The exclusive technology helps publishers increase their viewability and interaction by 2-3 times in comparison to normal.

About InterDog Media

Interdog Media Ltd. is one of the global leaders in advertising technologies based in the British Virgin Islands. Interdog Media provides digital advertising solutions including video, native, and display banner that help publishers optimize and monetize on their websites best on both desktop, mobile web, and app.

Mobile and video make a killer combination, it’s fair to say. As a publisher, you have to invest in those platforms to reach the best performance.

-- Interdog Media --

Our Team

Who are we anyway?

Meet the team who built the power



Frank Nguyen

An expert with more than 10 years of experience in the digital media. Experienced in managing and planning strategy. Before founding Interdog Media, Frank used to hold important position in FPT telecom.

Senior Manager

Senior Manager

Clare Nguyen

Many years of experience in advertising and sales leadership. Used to keep the same position in many ad networks before joining Interdog Media in 2018.



Steve Quyet

An expert in finance who has taken the leadership and finance roles in many midium and small companies before joining Interdog Media in 2019.

Head of APAC

Head of APAC

Cathy Smith

An expert in business executive. Cathy joined Interdog Media in 2018.



Tony Nguyen

Software developer expert with more than 10 years of experience in this industry. Tony joined Interdog Media in 2018.



Selina Bui

Human resources and accountant expert with more than 7 years of experience in this industry. Selina joined Interdog Media in 2018.

Interdog Media Family


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