What we do

Interdog Media is a global leader in advertising technologies, utilizing advanced Machine Learning and AI to optimize and monetize digital content. We deliver tailored digital advertising solutions, including video, native, and display banners, ensuring publishers maximize their revenue across desktop, mobile web, and app environments.

Our Self-serve Header Bidding Platform (PubPower)

A comprehensive solution for publishers to optimize and monetize their traffic


Own a thorough advertising platform without investing in technology with PWL

Take all advantages and have full access to all PubPower's features

Custom UX/UI with your logo and dashboard's URL

No worries about technical issues

Our brands

We own some of the best and fastest-growing brands and products on the Internet across three primary areas - publishing, search and applications.

Our network of websites attracts millions of visitors each month, delivering high-quality content and engaging experiences across multiple verticals. Our gaming portal is a premier platform for game publishers, offering them the opportunity to reach a vast audience of enthusiastic gamers.

Our commitment to privacy

At Interdog Media, we respect users' right to privacy. We adhere to strict privacy policies to ensure your data is protected.

For all the websites we own and operate, we prioritize and uphold user privacy. We are committed to maintaining high standards of privacy in everything we do.

At Interdog Media, your privacy is our priority.